19-23 October 2020
Europe/Prague timezone
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Dynamics of charged and magnetized particles around cylindrical black holes immersed in external magnetic fi eld

21 Oct 2020, 12:00


Mrs Aleksandra Demyanova (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute)


The motion and acceleration of an electrically charged and magnetized particle around a cylindrical black hole in the presence of an external asymptotically uniform magnetic field parallel to the z axis is investigated. We look at circular orbits around a central object and study the dependence of the most internal stable circular orbits (ISCO) on the so-called magnetic coupling parameters, which are responsible for the interaction between the external magnetic fi?eld and magnetized and charged particles. It is shown that the ISCO radius decreases with increasing magnetized parameter. Therefore, we also studied collisions of magnetized particles around a cylindrical black hole immersed in an external magnetic fi?eld, and showed that the magnetic ?eld can act as a particle accelerator near non-rotating cylindrical black holes.

Primary authors

Dr Bobomurat Ahmedov (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute) Mr Javlon Rayimbaev (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute) Dr Ahmadjon Abdujabbarov (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute) Dr Ugur Camci (Roger Williams University,) Mrs Aleksandra Demyanova (Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute)

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