19-23 October 2020
Europe/Prague timezone
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Beamed emission in accretion simulations of neutron star ULXs

22 Oct 2020, 13:30


David Abarca (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center)


We perform global 2D axisymmetric general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamic simulations of super-critical disk accretion onto a neutron star with a modest dipolar magnetic field strength of 20 GigaGauss as a model of a ULX. We study the effect of the boundary condition on the structure of the accretion column, outflow, and radiative output. In addition to fully absorbing and reflecting boundary conditions, we introduce a parameterized energy-reflecting boundary condition which returns the inflowing energy as radiative flux scaled by an albedo. We measure apparent isotropic luminosities ranging from 150-500 Eddington luminosities resulting from beaming of the radiation field by the accretion column.

Primary author

David Abarca (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center)


Dr Kyle Parfrey (Princeton University) Prof. Włodek Kluźniak (CAMK)

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